Support with Secure Development

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Web Security Scan offers programming support for resolving discovered vulnerabilities and security risks. We can also provide secure development of new functionalities within web applications. Complementary knowledge of web development and web security enables us to facilitate our customers with a secure website.

Building new components and processes in your web application can add great value to your business. However, inaccurate implementation could have severe impact on the application's security. Which coding guidelines and security techniques should be followed? Our security experts are specialized in secure web development and offer support for using secure and correct methods.

Suppose you receive a pentest report and learn the web application contains multiple vulnerabilities. Determined to solve the issues from the report, you start off programming but get stuck and have no clue on how to resolve certain vulnerabilities. Web Security Scan delivers professional development and security support for correcting issues and improving vulnerable code.

Requesting Development Support?

Are you interested in the possibilities in terms of solving vulnerabilities and development support? Customers requesting development support in combination with a penetration test will receive a special discounted offer.

Please complete the form on the Contact Us page and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Programming Support for Solving Vulnerabilities

Solving vulnerabilities based on a pentest report is a task that experienced programmers should be able handle by themselves. However, for inexperienced programmers or people with limited technical knowledge, it could be a difficult challenge.

Where do you start? How do you make sure vulnerabilities are not only solved, but also prevented in the future? Many settings and components must be taken into account.

Web Security Scan offers support for solving vulnerabilities directly in the source code. Relieving customers of their concerns and preventing security risks. That's what our specialists stand for.

Programming Support


Security-By-Design Development

Web Security Scan believes in developing through Security-By-Design. Security-By-Design, in software engineering, means that the software has been designed to be secure from the ground up. Malicious practices are expected to take place and care is taken to minimize impact on invalid user input or when a security vulnerability is discovered.

Implementing security from the start provides a solid base for maintaining and extending a secure web application. We keep track of the latest security flaws and vulnerabilities in software development and use knowledge gained by web audits to secure and build future-proof web applications and services.

Principle of Least Privilege

Web application development should bear in mind the principle of least privilege. This principle implies that web application users have all the necessary permissions they need for the intended usage of the application, but no more. Allowing users more rights than necessary increases potential damage inflicted by malicious users.

Besides malicious users, web applications should also be defended against benevolent users, who may harm the website if they don't know how work with it. Making the principle of least privilege a central part of the development process helps avoid permission-related vulnerabilities.