Are you seeking to ensure the security of your web or mobile applications, corporate network, or other technical infrastructures? Do you require a security test for an upcoming audit? Web Security Scan's certified pentesters (OSCP, OSWE, OSEP, eCPTXv2) conduct penetration tests, also referred to as pentests or ethical hacking tests, to identify security risks and vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.

Our certified pentesters, also known as ethical hackers or white-hat hackers, meticulously assess your systems using manual testing techniques, aiming to uncover all vulnerabilities, including newly emerging security flaws. The results of these thorough security assessments are presented in a comprehensive report, which not only outlines the findings but also offers clear, actionable recommendations. These recommendations include strategies for addressing existing security concerns and mitigating future threats, along with guidance to enhance your overall security posture.

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DongIT is certified according to the CCV Quality Mark for Penetration Testing, ensuring that our penetration tests adhere to the highest quality standards.

Initiate Pentesting

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Tailored Pentests

Require a specialized pentest focused on a specific area? We comprehend the distinct expectations and requirements in these specialized domains. Our reports are customized to address the unique demands of each area.

Open Scope Network Pentest

Conduct an open-scope pentest on the entire external network (full risk chain) of your organization.

Estimated duration: 32 - 80 hours (depending on the organization) 

ISO27001 Compliance Pentest

Undergo a pentest to fulfill ISO27001 requirements, integral to your Information Security Management System.

Estimated duration: 24 - 48 hours (average indication)  

Diverse Pentesting Types

At Web Security Scan, we offer a variety of pentests tailored to fulfill specific objectives and customer requirements. The primary distinction among these tests lies in the level of knowledge and background information provided to the tester beforehand. We ascertain the most suitable test type through a consultative process with the client, considering their unique circumstances and needs.

  • Black-box test - Minimal knowledge provided, closely simulating real-life hacking scenarios..
  • Grey-box test - Partial information provided, such as a login account.
  • White-box test - Tester typically has access to the application's source code and all configuration details, yielding the most thorough findings..
  • Time-boxed/budget-box test - Duration or budget of the project dictates the test endpoint.

Testing Methods & Techniques

Our pentests combine manual methods and techniques employed by real hackers with automated security tools. This blend of comprehensive testing methods ensures the discovery of most vulnerabilities and security risks within your web application.

We stay abreast of the latest developments and issues in cybersecurity, including zero-day vulnerabilities and the newest hacking methods and techniques, through our ongoing security research efforts.

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Our pentesters (minimally certified as either OSCP, OSWE, OSWP, OSEP, or eCPTXv2) possess proven experience in conducting pentests. Our security assessment methodology adheres to guidelines from prominent frameworks such as the Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF), Cybersecurity Framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), and recommendations from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

These principles offer guidance for securely developing, maintaining, delivering, and testing web applications and their underlying IT infrastructure, based on best practices by security experts, engaged organizations, and the supporting cybersecurity community.

Web Security Scan continually evaluates and enhances its testing methodology to stay updated with the latest security developments and testing methods and techniques.