Pentest for ISO 27001 and NEN 7510

In the ISO 27001 standard, a process-based approach is utilized to establish, implement, execute, monitor, maintain, and enhance information security through an Information Security Management System. Particularly within the healthcare sector, a process-based approach is outlined in the NEN 7510 standard.

By attaining both ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications, organizations demonstrate to their clients that they effectively manage information processes and handle client data securely.

To achieve ISO 27001 or NEN 7510 certifications, organizations must demonstrate sufficient security of their applications and underlying systems. Web Security Scan provides organizations with assistance before, during, or after the certification process through an ISO 27001/NEN 7510 pentest. This involves thorough research into the security of IT systems and networks.


Pentesting for ISO 27001/NEN 7510 Certifications

An integral aspect of obtaining ISO 27001 or NEN 7510 certification involves conducting a pentest. This process effectively maps out the current security posture and identifies areas for improvement. The resulting report empowers the organization to showcase to auditors the measures taken to safeguard sensitive information against unauthorized access and processing.

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Pentests for ISO 27001 or NEN 7510 Certified Organizations

Even if your organization is already ISO 27001 and/or NEN 7510 certified and has established an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to oversee information security, it is still crucial to conduct pentests. As part of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, internal audits or risk analyses are necessary for organizational improvement. Through periodic pentests, the organization gains insights into potential risks and receives input for implementing enhancements within the ISMS. This proactive approach enables the organization to safeguard against external attacks and promptly address vulnerabilities and security risks.

Conduct a Pentest as Part of the Organization's Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Risk Analysis Process: A pentest plays a crucial role in the risk analysis process of your ISMS project. It helps uncover vulnerabilities in web applications, internal systems, and applications, which are then correlated with identifiable threats.
  • Risk Treatment Plan: As part of the risk treatment plan, a pentest ensures that all implemented measures function as intended. This step is essential to verify the effectiveness of security measures in mitigating identified risks.
  • Ongoing Continuous Improvement: Pentesting is also performed as part of the ongoing continuous improvement of processes. This ensures that existing measures are functioning correctly and that new and emerging threats and vulnerabilities are promptly identified and addressed.