What do our customers say about us?

In July 2017, the Audit Committee of the Rijnland District Water Authority asked DongIT to conduct a study within two months into the policy and practice of information security at the Water Authority. In the selection of research agencies, DongIT stood out because they asked striking questions and adapted their approach to previous actions that Rijnland had taken in the field of information security. The assignment was carried out according to plan and with integrity. The result exceeded our expectations. The report was clear and presented transparently to the Audit Committee.

Kees van Rietschoten
Secretary of the Audit Committee of the Rijnland District Water Authority

When choosing a web security expert, DongIT immediately addressed the expertise with which our project was analyzed. Due to a flexible set-up and highly targeted approach, we have achieved the desired result within the deadlines to ensure our system's security. A good start has also resulted in lasting constructive cooperation.

Remy da Thesta Jacobs de Bok
Schoonenberg Hoorcomfort Online Manager

The Aloysius Foundation considers it very important, especially in view of the vulnerable group of children we teach, that privacy sensitive data is safe. DongIT has helped Aloysius to clarify vulnerabilities and made concrete and feasible proposals to improve web security, on the basis of which our ICT supplier has made adjustments. The expertise of DongIT is beyond doubt, the cooperation is enjoyable and they meet their agreements.

Thomas Reterink
Director of Finance & Business Aloysius Foundation

Security is something you must take seriously and leave it to professionals. That is why we have been using DongIT's services for years.

Gerard Wijngaarden
General Manager & CISO WIND Internet

Upon our search for a suitable security expert for performing our security scans, we came across Web Security Scan / DongIT. Expert advice resulted in clear appointments that were well-executed in the execution. As far as we are concerned, the start of a pleasant continuous cooperation.

Joost Sanders
Managing Director CARE Internet Services

Our main activity is online examining. Information security is our constant focus. Continuously we wonder what we can do more or better to further optimize security. This way we regularly test our environments and software through a penetration test. This gives a good insight into what risks we may run and what we need to do to resolve any vulnerabilities in the software.

But how does an attacker like this decide to make you the next victim of his activities? And what can you do as a company to make it as difficult as possible? With this question we came to DongIT and together with them we organized an hacker workshop for our developers.

The workshop was a great success. Using practical examples and self-playing with the tools that an attacker uses, a good picture of the hacker's approach was sketched. As a result, our developers have not only gained insight into the techniques of hacker, but also the environmental factors that can play a major role. In addition to the fact that the content was very useful, everyone has also experienced it as a fun and cozy workshop. You are already looking forward to a sequel!

Tini van den Broek
Andriessen Groep Citrus B.V. Manager IT & Quality

Since our first scan, we noticed that DongIT is very competent and involved in testing our platform. We have noticed that DongIT works well in the operation of the system in question, and thus comes with effective testing, in addition to the standard OWASP Top 10 that of course must be guaranteed.

The trust they give has made us decide to make them part of our quality chain, with a scan taking place every quarter, within which there is room for specific issues.

Danny Gorter
Chief Technology Officer Councilwise B.V.