What do our customers say about us?

DongIT helped the Provincial Audit Committee in Zeeland with an investigation into cyber security. A mystery guest investigated the physical resilience against an attack on the Provincial House in Middelburg by an unauthorized person. The internal and external network of the parties affiliated with the Province of Zeeland, RUD Zeeland, Westerscheldeferry BV and NV Westerscheldetunnel, was tested by an ethical hacker. As a client, the audit committee is very satisfied with DongIT's collaboration. The expertise of the researchers was appreciated by the IT staff of the organizations involved. Where necessary, points of interest were explained, and advice was given on possible next steps. In addition, DongIT's reports for the audit committee formed an excellent basis for conveying the administrative message to the Provincial Council. This message was conveyed, among other things, in a recording of a table discussion about the research. DongIT was involved in this conversation as one of the table guests. The audit committee could also count on adequate and timely support in answering questions during the handling of the report in the Provincial Council.

Maarten Dobbelaer
Researcher/Project Leader Provincial Audit Committee Zeeland

We have performed pentests for various customers as part of the DigiD audit. At DongIT you know what to expect; a professional approach, fast response times, transparent prices, and a clear quotation. DongIT's reports contain clear management information and, at least as important, clear evidence and reproduction information. Highly recommended.

Erik van Dijk
Manager Operations

As an internet agency, we build websites and applications on a daily basis. For us it is very important that what we build is secure for users. We have therefore already asked DongIT several times to test our applications. The expertise of DongIT in the field of security is a great addition to our technical knowledge. They work very carefully, think along with us and act flexibly when a project requires it.

Bas van Oostveen
Project Manager 23G

In July 2017, the Audit Committee of the Rijnland District Water Authority asked DongIT to conduct a study within two months into the policy and practice of information security at the Water Authority. In the selection of research agencies, DongIT stood out because they asked striking questions and adapted their approach to previous actions that Rijnland had taken in the field of information security. The assignment was carried out according to plan and with integrity. The result exceeded our expectations. The report was clear and presented transparently to the Audit Committee.

Kees van Rietschoten
Secretary of the Audit Committee of the Rijnland District Water Authority

The Aloysius Foundation considers it very important, especially in view of the vulnerable group of children we teach, that privacy sensitive data is safe. DongIT has helped Aloysius to clarify vulnerabilities and made concrete and feasible proposals to improve web security, on the basis of which our ICT supplier has made adjustments. The expertise of DongIT is beyond doubt, the cooperation is enjoyable and they meet their agreements.

Thomas Reterink
Director of Finance & Business Aloysius Foundation

Upon our search for a suitable security expert for performing our security scans, we came across Web Security Scan / DongIT. Expert advice resulted in clear appointments that were well-executed in the execution. As far as we are concerned, the start of a pleasant continuous cooperation.

Joost Sanders
Managing Director CARE Internet Services

Knowledge development is very important in a world that is changing rapidly. This is why Quintor organizes a conference every year called StaQ, where the hands-on application of new technologies and frameworks is paramount. This year we asked Wouter of DongIT to organize a keynote about a topic that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis, 'Security'. In consultation with StaQ's organization, Wouter told a story that was perfectly applicable to an audience with technical professionals in the field of Java, .NET, platform engineers, information analysts and front-end developers.

In his keynote Wouter talked about applications that everyone works with on a daily basis or is currently working on. A very recognizable and inspiring keynote that everyone will take with them in the projects that are currently being carried out. The keynote was also brought in a very fun and entertaining way, so Wouter managed to keep everyone's attention. The visitors of StaQ have experienced the keynote as very positive and given a lot of compliments about it.

Pascal Snippen
Organisator StaQ | Team Manager Quintor

The Rijnland District Water Authority has invested heavily in its Information Security in recent years. With all the attention for Cyber ​​Security, physical accessibility and the like, Rijnland needed an independent analysis of the level at which it has set up its information security at the moment.

DongIT examined both the Headquarters of Rijnland and that of Schieland and the Krimpenerwaard. DongIT has executed this quickly and expertly and has given us a strict and professional judgment. I am satisfied with the professional and independent approach that they have used. Their advice has enabled us to make several concrete improvements in our security.

Luc van Wijk
ICT Manager District Water Authority of Schieland and Krimpenerwaard | Rijnland District Water Authority

Last week (2019-11-12) Wouter van Dongen from DongIT gave a presentation about Cybercrime for our business association in Bunschoten-Spakenburg. A nice and interesting story with funny anecdotes told by an enthusiastic Wouter. Those present were silent and that means a lot in Bunschoten. The questions that were asked afterwards also showed that everyone had been triggered to think about this further. I can recommend Wouter as a speaker for your meeting. Thank you for your nice contribution to our Wouter meeting.

Annelies Meeder
Secretariat Business Association Bunschoten-Spakenburg

The Arnhem Court of Auditors commissioned DongIT to perform an ethical hack on the IT environment of the municipality of Arnhem in a competent, careful, expert and fast manner. Vulnerabilities have been demonstrated, which have been resolved in consultation with the municipal organization. The research was commissioned by Dong-IT by Wouter van Dongen. Wouter is a very knowledgeable and professional in his field and adheres well to business agreements. Strongly recommended!

Hans Verdellen
Member Court of Auditors Municipality of Arnhem

For an application from a client that we were developing, we were looking for a good partner to have a pen test carried out. After receiving around 10 different offers, we decided to go for DongIT. This choice was made because they had made a clear flexible quotation where we had the choice between different ways of approach. We cannot complain about the execution of the pen test either. Clear communication, good report containing clear findings and recommendations, and a pleasant further collaboration. I would highly recommend DongIT for your projects.

Jonathan van Rij
Partner & Software Engineer Blijnder Web

Proquro had been searching for a suitable expert in the field of security for some time. The reporting in the previous tests by other parties did not live up to our desires. We were not only looking for what is wrong or can be better, but especially interested in the method of testing and which parts of the application have been tested and whether the result is good. Only then can we assess the quality of the tests.

We can highly recommend DongIT. Clear agreements in advance, pleasant cooperation and above all great expertise.

Edward Bakker
Director ProQuro

Our main activity is online examining. Information security is our constant focus. Continuously we wonder what we can do more or better to further optimize security. This way we regularly test our environments and software through a penetration test. This gives a good insight into what risks we may run and what we need to do to resolve any vulnerabilities in the software.

But how does an attacker like this decide to make you the next victim of his activities? And what can you do as a company to make it as difficult as possible? With this question we came to DongIT and together with them we organized an hacker workshop for our developers.

The workshop was a great success. Using practical examples and self-playing with the tools that an attacker uses, a good picture of the hacker's approach was sketched. As a result, our developers have not only gained insight into the techniques of hacker, but also the environmental factors that can play a major role. In addition to the fact that the content was very useful, everyone has also experienced it as a fun and cozy workshop. You are already looking forward to a sequel!

Tini van den Broek
Andriessen Groep Citrus B.V. Manager IT & Quality

Since our first scan, we noticed that DongIT is very competent and involved in testing our platform. We have noticed that DongIT works well in the operation of the system in question, and thus comes with effective testing, in addition to the standard OWASP Top 10 that of course must be guaranteed.

The trust they give has made us decide to make them part of our quality chain, with a scan taking place every quarter, within which there is room for specific issues.

Danny Gorter
Chief Technology Officer Councilwise B.V.

The municipality of Meierijstad has invested heavily in its information security during the merger. Security-by-Design was one of the main priorities of the tender for the new organizational network. Now that the busy merger period is over, the municipality of Meierijstad needed a penetration test on the public environment.

DongIT has examined our external infrastructure. DongIT carried this out expertly. In addition to the reporting of the risks, the complete report also included possible solutions that were immediately applied by the municipality of Meierijstad.

Anke Hobbelen
Chief Information Security Officer Municipality of Meierijstad

The Municipality of Zaanstad has developed a system for the purchase and delivery of youth care. Fourteen municipalities use this system in a regional context. The system contains information from vulnerable young people in the municipalities and therefore it is important that this information is properly protected. To this end, a number of tests have been done, including an extensive penetration test by DongIT. DongIT has helped us in a very professional way, delivered a clear report and was flexible enough to deliver the tests earlier than agreed. In short, we can recommend DongIT.

José Korwa
Information Manager Municipality of Zaanstad

"Can patient data in our General Practitioner Information System be hacked?" was a question that had been with us for some time. We asked the ethical hackers of DongIT to make an attempt. They have looked from the inside to see how safe our systems were. It is comforting to know that our patient data is well protected. Research on our electronic appointment system and a phishing campaign yielded interesting results, which was a wake up call for us.

The test was carried out professionally with short communication lines, prompt appointments and smooth reporting.

Peter Vonk
General practitioner GP Oud Turfmarkt | Office Student doctors University of Amsterdam

Not expensive consultants, but fellow professionals with a love for technology. The security researchers at DongIT are very experienced, flexible and fast. The reports are particularly thorough without being boring and long-winded. Very nice is that they think constructively about solutions and come with good advice in everything they find.

Jan Brünemann
Senior Developer Kaliber Interactive

As a learning organization, KCM Group not only provides its customers with valuable insights, but also obtains valuable insights into information security through DongIT. This is to constantly improve ourselves and to make it safer for everyone who uses our services. For this, KCM Group uses the perfect service from DongIT. Expert investigations, clear reports and a great collaboration. In short, KCM Group is very satisfied with DongIT.

Hirschel Hessel
Director KCM Group

ProManIT Europe, working in compliance for the financial sector, needed quick advice on the condition of information security in the context of an ISO27001 certification. DongIT reacted at lightning speed and was able to do this on short term. DongIT's consultant presented itself as highly skilled, very service-oriented and efficient, taking into account the size of our organization. The very fast, sound advice has indicated to us in the short term where improvement was needed. I can highly recommended DongIT.

Klaas de Groot
Director ProManIT Europe

For one of the keynote speakers of the Gelders Ondermijningscongres 2022 we were looking for a speaker on the theme of cybercrime. Wouter van Dongen effortlessly took the participants from various official organizations into the world of digital (in)security. A combination of personal anecdotes and current examples made it clear what is happening in this world. Wouter not only demonstrates the threats, but also gives practical tips on what organizations and individuals can do against them. The result was a much-appreciated contribution to a successful event!

Sjoerd van Roosmalen
Program Manager/Team Leader

As editor for the Dutch public television program Rambam, I have had a lot of contact with ethical hacker Wouter van Dongen from DongIT. I enjoyed working together with DongIT and especially with Wouter. For questions I could always go to them and I relied on their expertise. In the future I would definitely approach DongIT again if I have questions about hacking, IT and cyber security.

Lisa Dekker
Editor RamBam | BNNVARA

When choosing a web security expert, DongIT immediately addressed the expertise with which our project was analyzed. Due to a flexible set-up and highly targeted approach, we have achieved the desired result within the deadlines to ensure our system's security. A good start has also resulted in lasting constructive cooperation.

Remy da Thesta Jacobs de Bok
Online Manager Schoonenberg HoorSupport

Uni-Life was impressed and very satisfied by the service provided by DongIT. We are a company with clients in the education sector (universities), so technical standards are extremely important. Our clients, and we, were impressed by the standard of reporting, technical knowledge and speed of delivery. We will probably be knocking on DongIT’s door again in the future.

Thomas Smulders
Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder

Waggl was very happy with the pen-test service provided by DongIT. They were incredibly professional and were able to find vulnerabilities we were not aware of in our cloud system. They also provided technical guidance on how to resolve the vulnerabilities they found. Additionally they re-tested our system after patiently waiting weeks for us to get the vulnerabilities resolved in our production system. Finally they were able to provide us a professional pen-test report that we use for our security audits and give to our customers who want to see it. During the entire process they provided responsive and caring support via email. You really can't beat their pricing as well for third party testing. Overall they are a great company to do business with and we will continue to use them each year going forward.

Henner Mohr
Head of IT Security

Security is something you must take seriously and leave it to professionals. That is why we have been using DongIT's services for years.

Gerard Wijngaarden
General Manager & CISO WIND Internet

For Myndr, security and privacy are our top priorities. We strive to implement solutions that minimize the amount of information we store, ensuring that any data we do keep is absolutely secure. DongIT conducted a thorough investigation for us by performing a white-box pentest, allowing them to examine and test extensively. Thankfully, they found very few issues, all of which were quickly resolved. We are now proud to display the Web Security Scan Trustmark logo. The collaboration with DongIT was highly pleasant. They clearly communicated their expectations and our preparatory tasks. They promptly executed their work, including scheduling and conducting retests swiftly. The reporting was clear and informative, providing us with a valuable reference for the future.

Paul Mourus