Vulnerability Scan

Basic security scan for finding common vulnerabilities
Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm CET

What is the Vulnerability Scan?

Find out if your web application contains common vulnerabilities with the Vulnerability Scan. The semi-automated Vulnerability Scan is the perfect solution for users who require a basic security check. The used scanning tools are manually configured and adapted to the behavior of your web application by a security expert. You receive an elementary overview of the scan results from the used security tools.


Online intake

With the simple, online intake process, you can request a scan within a few minutes.


Practical insight

Results provide a valuable basic insight into the current security status of your website.



Accessible basic security check at relatively low cost.


Manually configured

Scans are manually configured by a security expert.

Request a security scan online in 4 steps

Requesting a Vulnerability Scan for your web application has never been easier. Follow the instructions below to complete a scan request in 4 steps.

1Press "Plan Basic Scan Online" and create an account.
2Add a web application and verify it in the portal.
3Add scan credits.
4Schedule a scan. A security expert will carry out the scan and inform you of the findings as soon as possible.

Plan Basic Scan Online Plans & Pricing

When is the Vulnerability Scan suitable for me?

  • The Vulnerability Scan is suitable for anyone looking for a basis threat test at relatively low costs.
  • Vulnerability Scans are also an excellent addition to a more extensive test to periodically safeguard the security of a web application. Vulnerability scans are often performed monthly or quarterly, in combination with an annual extensive penetration test.
  • When you want quick insight into common vulnerabilities that can be found by security tools, such as SQL-injections and Cross-site scripting (XSS).

What is the difference between a Vulnerability Scan and a Penetration Test?

  • The Vulnerability Scan is limited to mostly smart automated scans, after which a security tester evaluates the test results.
  • Penetration Tests are more extensive and include manual testing by a ethical hacker/security expert to find vulnerabilities.
  • The report of the Vulnerability Scan contains a basic overview of the findings from used security tools. The Penetration Test report is extensive and based on the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.