Vulnerability Scan

Basic security scan for finding common vulnerabilities
Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm CET

What is the Vulnerability Scan?

Find out if your web application contains common vulnerabilities with the Vulnerability Scan. The semi-automated Vulnerability Scan is the perfect solution for users who require a basic security check. A security expert manually configures and adapts the scanning tools to your web application's behavior. You receive an elementary overview of the scan results from the security tools.


Online Intake

With the simple, online intake process, you can request a scan within a few minutes.


Practical insight

Results provide a valuable basic insight into the current security status of your website.



Accessible basic security check at a relatively low cost.


Manually Configured

Scans are manually configured by a security expert.

Security in four steps

Request a Vulnerability Scan online in 4 steps

Requesting a Vulnerability Scan has never been easier.

1.Easily plan a Basic Scan by clicking the button below.
2.Our certified ethical hackers go to work. Our experts will instantly notify you in case of any status updates.
3.Access all findings, download the detailed report, and manage team members via our Reporter portal.
4.Easily ask questions or request retests in the Reporter portal.

Plan Basic Scan Plans & Pricing

When is the Vulnerability Scan suitable?

  • The Vulnerability Scan is suitable for anyone looking for a basic threat test at relatively low costs.
  • Vulnerability Scans are also an excellent addition to a more extensive pentest to safeguard the security of a web application periodically. They are often performed monthly or quarterly, combined with an extensive penetration test annually.
  • When you want a quick insight into common vulnerabilities that can be found by security tools, such as SQL injections and Cross-site scripting (XSS).
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Differences between tests

What is the difference between a Vulnerability Scan and a Pentest?

  • The Vulnerability Scan is limited to mostly smart automated scans, after which a security expert evaluates the results and conducts additional manual checks.
  • Penetration Tests (pentests) are more thorough and include many manual tests by a certified ethical hacker to find vulnerabilities that automated tools can't detect.
  • The Vulnerability Scan report contains an overview of the findings from various security tooling, including the interpretation of our ethical hackers.