Plans & Pricing

Security Scans and Penetration Testing
Basic Scan €745.00excl. VATSchedule
Quick Pentest €1590.00excl. VATRequest
Extensive Pentest from€4990.00excl. VATRequest
Test Best Suited For ?
Examples of situations best-fitted to specific test approach.
  • Quick semi-automated security check
  • During early development stage
  • Basic insight in common vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Best-effort/quick penetration test
  • Quick technical insight in current level of security
  • Periodic security check-up for applications
  • Hacked website and malware infection
  • Extensive pentest for complex (web) applications and network infrastructures
  • Audits / Third Party Memorandum (TPM)
  • DigiD assessments
  • Certification purposes (i.e. ISO 27001, NEN 7510, PCI DSS)
Type of Report ?
Research findings and output from security tools are reported and presented in professional reports, created with our own Security Reporter platform (

Concise overview of vulnerabilities

Brief technical report
(based on OWASP Top 10)

Extensive report and management summary
(based on OWASP Top 10 or NCSC-guidelines)

Manual Testing by Certified Security Experts ?
Manual testing and research hours by certified security experts. This is purely manual testing and does not include the additional hours spent on automated testing methods and reporting.
(at least 3 hours)
(at least 8 hours)
(starting from 32 hours)
Detection of (Most Recent) Vulnerabilities and Security Risks in Web Application ?
Our software and methods are always up-to-date detecting a large range of vulnerabilities and security risks.
Configuration by Security Expert ?
To obtain optimal results, we use market leading security tools and tailored configurations best suited to your unique situation.
Port Scanning & Network Scanning ?
A vulnerability scan, including a port scan, is executed to detect vulnerabilities in services.
Scan Sensor ?
Optionally a scan sensor is configured for your web server by a security expert to improve scan results.
Discussion Report with Security Expert ?
Short discussion by phone about the research results with a security expert (< ½ hour is included).
Trustmark Logo ?
Boost your customer confidence. Receive the Web Security Scan quality label that shows the security level of your web application.

Not sure which type of pentest matches your needs?

No problem. Contact us and we provide professional advice without any obligations.

Additional Services

Additional services can be purchased separately or in combination with any Security Plan. Invoicing based on hourly rates.

Schedule Scans Periodically & Profit from Discounts

A minor alteration to your web application's code or adjustment to a single web server setting could cause new vulnerabilities. Therefore, we recommend to scan your web application periodically or after implementing new releases/ updates. Plan security scans periodically and receive discount.

Schedule Scans Periodically
Number of Scans 1 2 4 8
Discount on total price 0.0% 2.5% 5.0% 7.5%

Customized Security

Every web application is unique and therefore should be treated as such. Our security scans are specifically set-up for your web application, to guarantee the best possible results. Do you have special demands or requests? Do you want a quote tailored to your budget (time-box / budget-box pentest)? Contact us and we will set up a custom proposal for you.