Guest Speaker on (Ethical) Hacking

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Are you looking for a guest speaker to cover the topic of (ethical) hacking or cyber security? Questions such as “What is ethical hacking?” and “How does a hacker hack?” are good examples of popular themes that arise at conventions and professional meetings. The security experts at DongIT (the parent company to Web Security Scan) are invited on a regular basis to take the stage at diverse events ranging from college tours and seminars to symposiums and conferences.

You can also book a DongIT specialist to speak at your very own event. Our experienced security expert and/or ethical hacker will provide an inspiring keynote speech with a unique peak into the actual tactics and methodology of the modern-day hacker, which will arm you with the insight and awareness needed to detect potential security risks when it comes to any and everything connected to the internet. Our speaker will also close out the presentation with a few useful tips and tricks for the participants, and whether you are a trained security professional or a stranger to the world of IT, you will definitely be sent home all the wiser.

Contact our office for a price quote, or to discuss specific themes and how we can meet your needs.

"Knowledge development is very important in a world that is changing rapidly. This is why Quintor organizes a conference every year called StaQ, where the hands-on application of new technologies and frameworks is paramount. This year we asked Wouter of DongIT to organize a keynote about a topic that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis... read more"
Pascal Snippen, Organisator StaQ | Team Manager Quintor
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Available Speech Topics

DongIT houses some well-known hackers. Among others, our cyber security expert Wouter van Dongen can be booked for a speech. Wouter is a renowned expert in the field of ethical hacking and has been active in the business since an early age. He has gained attention for his work in detecting security leaks at Diginotar as well as several large-scale banks and is ranked in the All-Time Top 10 list for the hacker-crowdsourcing platform Bugcrowd. Next to his daily work with penetration tests, he provides speeches at events and conventions where he enthusiastically dives into his expertise, his past experiences and his take on the essence of cyber security. You can book Wouter and other security experts from DongIT to address any of the following captivating topics:

  • The story behind the hacker: how it all began, how he initiated Lektober by discovering the DigID leak, and many more intriguing anecdotes.
  • How does a hacker hack?: a demonstration and lecture covering the methods used by hackers.
  • Trendwatcher cybercrime: in which direction is cyber crime heading and what can we do to stand in its way?
  • Information and web security: how do you provide adequate security for your critical systems and privacy-sensitive data, and how do you create security awareness?
  • Ethical hacking: what is ethical hacking, how does it work, and how do ethical hackers contribute to a safer digital world?

We are of course also open to any other themes and topics that may overlap our field of expertise. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions and to discuss what we can provide to fit your bill.

Helpful hackers book

Our contribution to the book “Helpful Hackers”

The ethical hackers at DongIT are also available for interviews, media items or contributions to content in books and articles. For example, we have provided content for the dutch book "Helpful Hackers" written by Chris van ‘t Hof. You can also visit our media page for more media items and interviews held with our ethical hackers.

"In this book, we hear from the hackers, system owners, IT specialists, managers, journalists, politicians and lawyers who have been key players in a number of prominent disclosures. Their stories offer a glimpse into the mysterious world of cyber security, revealing how hackers can help us all."
Chris van 't Hof, author Helpful Hackers
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Guest speaker at your event?

Are you organizing an event for your business contacts, and does the theme match well with (ethical) hacking, cybercrime, cyber security or security awareness? In that case you should consider booking a guest speaker from DongIT, as we can provide a pitch that is sure to impress. An experienced IT security expert will take the stage at your event and bring your audience into the world of hacking, explaining in clear language how easy It can be to exploit system vulnerabilities in a web application.

Are you looking for a guest lecture for a class or course on (ethical) hacking or cyber/web security? Then you have also come to the right place. We can design a tailored program to fit the curriculum. DongIT provides guest lectures on several levels, ranging from primary school (ages 8 to 12) to secondary school (ages 13 to 18), but also for universities and business classes.