Pentest for Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, WordPress, Magento and Joomla are extremely popular and ideal for editing content. However, these systems are also very vulnerable to hackers, provided the security is not regularly maintained and checked.

In addition to the standard installation, different plugins, themes and custom modules are often installed. Precisely these plugins and custom code are prone to security breaches. Many do not know how many vulnerabilities are indirectly installed through plugins written by random programmers. Even standard installations contain errors and vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. This stresses the importance of always updating your CMS to the latest version, otherwise hackers can easily hack your website.

Web Security Scan offers security scans and extensive penetration tests to thoroughly check your Content Management System, including all plugins, themes and other custom modules for vulnerabilities and security risks. This way, you know how well your website is protected.

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Why your CMS security is important

  • Popular CMS solutions (i.e. WordPress and Drupal) are an attractive target for hackers.
  • New vulnerabilities and issues emerge all the time.
  • CMS updates often reveal vulnerabilities in previous versions in the changelog, exposing websites that are not automatically updated.
  • The more add-ons and plugins you add to your CMS installation, the higher the risk of your website becoming vulnerable.
Vulnerability Scan

Quick Scan CMS Security

Get quick insight into your Content Management System's security. Most common vulnerabilities and security risks within your CMS will be exposed and reported in a short technical report. The technical report supports developers in order to repair vulnerable code and prevent future vulnerabilities.

CMS Penetration Test/Ethical Hack Test

Get full insight into the security of your Content Management System. Manual tests combined with automated security tools provide a profound and full-scale check on vulnerabilities and security flaws within the web application, web server, plugins, and themes. Results are presented in a detailed OWASP Top 10 report, suited for both management- and the development team. The report comprises full findings and recommendations on how to solve and prevent vulnerabilities and security risks.

CMS Penetration Test

Security Tests for all CMS Types

Web Security Scan offers security support for all CMS types. We have a proven track record of performed vulnerability scans and penetration tests for virtually every CMS, including commonly used systems such as: