Security Code Review

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Building a web application and keeping it secure requires an accurate method of working. One unchecked step could leave the entire application exploitable by hackers. Web Security Scan performs security code reviews to check for security flaws and vulnerabilities in the source code. When vulnerable code leads to risky situations, programming errors and inconsistencies will be removed, creating cleaner, updated and better protected code.

Do you wish to discuss the possibilities for a security code review? Or are you interested in a security code review in combination with a penetration test? Request a quote or contact us for more information.

Security Review Code Extensions for Certification Purposes

For software providers and other commercial vendors that need a code extension or just a part of the source code to get certified for an audit (i.e. for Third Party Memorandums), Web Security Scan performs security code reviews. Our experts analyze the software's source code, identify programming mistakes, security vulnerabilities, check for regulatory compliance and demonstrate where and how to fix and improve the code.

Benefits of a Security Code Review

A security code review is an important control function during application development or re-development, which contributes to the security and quality of the code. By source code investigation security risks can be discovered and resolved, ultimately leading to saving time and money. Often programming errors are not visible at first glance. However, when critical vulnerabilities exist within the code, security could be at stake.

Experience shows looking at the source code afresh leads to new perspectives. Security flaws are detected, and the code is partially validated again, finding invalid logic and inconsistencies. Web Security Scan carries out single or periodic security code reviews, regardless of the application's current stage. With code reviews possible security weaknesses and vulnerabilities are extensively examined in order to prevent future abuse of the application. Information derived from a code review also functions as a base for prevention of information leaks and protection of business-critical processes.

PHP Security Code Reviews

Keeping up the source code quality in PHP application development projects can be challenging over time. It becomes even more difficult in large projects when multiple developers with different coding styles and other approach to issues work on the same code. Errors and inconsistencies could slip in, resulting in confusing, hard to maintain code, security threats and vulnerabilities. Web Security Scan is specialized in PHP web development, as well as in PHP security code reviews.

Expertise in Web Security and Web Development

Our security specialists that carry out PHP code reviews are experts in both web development and web security. Through the powerful combination of these expertises our specialists have the knowledge in-house to recognize security threats and know how these can be exploited. With a hacker's mindset, systematic research is performed to detect and analyze security risks.

When the found programming errors severely threaten the security, Web Security Scan can offer support for fixing the source code. The security and robustness of the code will improve, while also preventing security threats. The sooner programming errors and security vulnerabilities are detected, the less it will cost to fix them.

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